FBA Performance Record

Here's how we did in 2022

Average production of FBA Leaderboard producers: $1,122,169

(2021: $767,115)

Franchise Fees collected from the top contributing FBA Brokers.

Average of 33 units were sold by the FBA Leaderboard performers

(2021: 28)

Million Dollar Producers Club:

Lisa Welko: $1,999,196
Jennifer and Matt Lucas: $2,692,252
Kevin Kohler and Charista Baye: $1,116,914
Adrienne Leigh: $1,379,856
Amanda Vargas: $1,016,674

Source: FBA

Average Franchise Fee: $41,000 based on 1,600 FDD's

Typically referral fees are based on 50% of the total franchise fee.

Source: Vetted Biz

FBA Broker average for units sold: 15

(2021: 12)

Source: FBA

Growth of FBA Franchise Inventory increased by 126 new franchises

Based on new 2022 FBA Franchisor Memberships

Source: FBA

Average Sale
Cycle 3.4 months

Source: BOS System data FBA

Broker member retention rate 81.45% retention of membership

Source: FBA members

FBA Google Reviews
4.9 out of 5 stars

Source: Google reviews

Industry Advances:

2022 (BOS) Broker Operating System = Lead Nurturing and Appointment Setting Program

Source: FBA